OSIR Exhaust system

We spent 4 years of development, six versions of design refinement and test drive them everyday. Its time to let them out to our customers

We built them with ASPEC under the highest craftsmanship
We smooth out each turn on all the piping and retain the diameter for maximum flow
We tuned them with a deep tasteful note
You can choose between Stainless steel and light weight Titanium that suit your need

We will continue to develope more exhaust systems on our selected vechicles

  • Ex TTRS
  • Our full Titanium system for TTRS weight 13kg (CAT BACK 10.5kg)
  • Factory Full system 33.3kg (CAT BACK 26.5kg)TTRS Note
  • Ex RS5
  • Our CAT BACK Titanium system for RS5 weight 15.5kg
  • Factory CAT BACK system 23kg
  • RS5 Note
  • Ex A1 QUAD system for 1.4 engine
  • Stainless steel only

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